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How Copper Can Enhance the Aesthetics of Your Roof

Custom Copper Roofing

Custom Copper Roofing

For thousands of years, architects have used copper as a way to enhance the aesthetic beauty of homes, offices and large structures. Copper has been used for complete roofs, downspouts, domes, spires, wall cladding, gutters and flashing. Due to its durability and resistance to most environmental corrosion, it creates a unique and stunning patina unlike any other roofing material.


Resistance to Corrosion

When used architecturally on buildings, office structures and residential homes, copper provides great corrosion resistance properties. The natural formation of its oxide-sulfate patina coating produces its own resistance to the environment, allowing it to perform its duties for decades with little to no maintenance. Unlike traditional roofing materials, copper does not generate an underside corrosion that is often the key cause to roof failures.


Historical Appearance

Copper Valley

Copper Valley

Copper roofing and copper enhancements can significantly enrich the aesthetic appearance of a home or building. Adding specific grandeur to the exterior, it can simulate or replicate an historic appearance to any structure. Many older homes with copper roofs are only now in need of a roof repair, after scores of years of providing protection to the house from the outside environment.


Copper Roof Vents

Many homes and building structures are accentuated with copper dryer vents and roof vents to keep away numerous unwanted elements from the structure. The vents allow the escape of plumbing gases and removal of hot air from the attic or dryer. It not only enhances the structure, but serves to reduce cooling and heating costs for decades.


Copper Finials, Gutters and Weathervanes

Copper Gutter

Copper Gutter

Many people add copper accessories including finials and weathervanes to the exterior of their offices and residential homes to add an eye-pleasing touch to the structure. Accentuating the roofline, the gutter system and/or the weathervane with ornate finials is an instant way to create a customized design to the structure, based on the owner or architect’s design. Many finials can be designed and worked into a decorative weathervane or wind vane. Finials work well with cupolas, domes, turrets, tiles and all other roofing materials fabricated out of copper.


The Copper Finish

Copper Chimney FlashingCopper Chimney Flashing

Copper Chimney FlashingCopper Chimney Flashing

Achieving the beautiful copper patina finish requires nothing but time. Once installed, the structural copper enhancements or roofing system on the building will display the traditional bright and shiny copper color that is beautiful when left alone. In time, when the copper is exposed to the environment, it will quickly begin to oxidize and within a few years take on the beautiful green and brown patina.

However, the process can be accelerated with chemicals, and installed with the beautiful, stylish brown and green patina without the need to wait. Additionally, with the proper sealant, the beautiful shiny copper can be guarded against ever oxidizing to a patina, with a finish that will last on its own for decades.


When it is time to enhance the exterior of a commercial or residential structure, many owners choose a beautiful copper solution. Owners can select to repair the entire roof system using copper, or add a beautiful gutter and downspouts, weathervane, finials, awnings or vents.

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