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Hire a Sherborn Roofing Contractor that knows the historic homes Sherborn is famous for.

Roofers in Sherborn MA. can have it a little tough. That’s because Sherborn has everything in terms of home age and style. Indeed, the town is famous for its older homes, some of which date back to the 17th century. And many, many others that aren’t quite as old, but still have decades on them. Throw in modern contemporary housing, and Sherborn roofers need to know everything to work on area homes.

Daniel M. Fox Restoration is a Roofing Contractor serving Sherborn and the surrounding area, and is the roofer of choice for area residents. The advantages he brings to the table are numerous:

  1. A Quarter Century of Roofing Experience – Daniel M. Fox Restoration Inc. has been a Sherborn Roofing Contractor for more than 25 years. That counts.
  2. Experience with Exotic Roofing Materials – This is important, as Sherborn roofs can be made of almost anything, including exotic copper and slate roofs. Daniel M Fox Restoration works on everything from asphalt shingles to slate to copper to any other roofing material.
  3. The Little Extras – Your Sherborn roofer needs to be experienced with decorative Copper flashings, ornate facades, peaks, valleys, etc… Daniel M Fox Restoration Inc. handles all of those.
  4. “The Picasso of Roofs” – Ok, not really, but Daniel M. Fox Restoration is an artisan-level roofing contractor. Sherborn homes are in good hands.
  5. And that’s not all… – Besides roofing, Daniel M. Fox Restoration handles general contracting, remodeling, and even snow removal.

Serving Sherborn MA (zip code 01770) and the surrounding areas

It’s no secret – we love Sherborn. From its deep historical roots to its proximity to everything, it’s an ideal place to live and work. And it’s so varied – look down any street, and it’s likely that several centuries have left their mark in plain sight. But this also means your Sherborn roofing contractor needs to have a deft touch, and treat these architectural treasures with the care they need. That’s exactly what we do.

The list of “who to call for my Sherborn roofing job?” isn’t very long. In fact, there’s Daniel M. Fox Restoration, and little else. Contact us here.

Old Houses, Old Secrets

As mentioned, Sherborn is a historic town with plenty of older homes. There are two national historic districts in town, and many, many houses that date back to colonial times. And a lot of these homes are quite interesting, as Sherborn was a stop on the old Underground Railroad. Thus, there are homes that aren’t completely what they appear to be, with hiding spots, “behind the wall” rooms, and other secrets. Oh, if the walls could talk, the stories they’d tell.

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Building Department:

Town of Sherborn
19 Washington Street,
Sherborn ,MA 01770
Phone: (508) 651-7870

Building Inspectors:

Walter Avallone, Building Commissioner (508) 651-7870
Raymond Grenier, Plumbing/Gas Inspector (508) 653-2720
Richard Bemis, Wiring Inspector (508) 651-7850


Monday 7:00am to 2:00pm
Tuesday 12:00 noon to 5:00pm
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